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Store Policy


( Last Update June 09, 2010 )


If you have any questions or suggestions about our policies please contact us.

Policy Changes:

Our store policy is a work in progress.  Our policies may change from time to time.  So to be fair, if there is a new policy change that effects your refund or commission, you can opt to follow the policy at the time the deal was made.



Our store is intended for adults only.  You must be 18 years of age or older to surf our site and do business with us.  And you must have the right to buy and possess adult domains from the community and country you register them in.

Become a Store Member:

Join our adult domain community and become a "Store Member".  Store Members can shop our XXX Domain Stores and have access to our current inventory and support.

Setup a MyDomain Account:
We recommend buyers setup (register) for a free account with our domain registrar, if you do not have one.  By registering with our registrar we can easily move domains without incurring any fees.  If you are unhappy with our registrar and wish to transfer to an outside registrar you can do so after (60) days of receiving the domain in your account. 

Expiration Dates:

Any domain within (90) days of the expiration date will be renewed for (1) year more prior to transfer without any additional cost to you.  Buyers can also add more years to the expiration date prior to transfer at the rate of $8.50 per additional year.

(90) Day Return Policy:
Buyer may return a domain within (90) days of its transfer for a 90% refund provided:

1.  The domain has not been transferred outside of our registrar

2.  The sale price was greater than $100 Dollars.

We will process your refund within (3) business days of receiving the returned domain. 

To return domain(s), simply email us that you will be returning the domain then login to your account  and select the Domain(s) you wish to return from your "My Domains" page, and select "Move these domains to another account" from the drop down menu below and then click the "Go" button.  Then enter our account name "buyxxxdomains" in the "Move Domain(s) To Account" box.

After you move the domain(s) back to our account, please email us again so that we can verify we received the domain(s) and begin processing your refund.


100% Transaction Guarantee:

No escrow service needed. We GUARANTEE to you 100% that if you purchase a domain name from us, we will begin the transfer process within (3) business days of receipt of your full payment. If you have a account the transfer can be immediate. We are not held responsible if you provide us with misspelled or inaccurate transfer information which could result in domain loss. Unless for any unforeseen consequences, if you pay for it you will get it or 100% your money back GUARANTEED.


Multiple Offers:

Sometimes we may receive multiple offers on the same domain prior to acceptance.  If so, we may elect to accept the highest offer.



Unless we specifically state that your offer has been accepted (our deal) and that the domain is sold pending receipt of your payment it should be considered that our communication be treated as just negotiations with no accepted offer.  If your offer has been accepted and payment is not received within a reasonable time, typically (3) business days,  we may elect to cancel (void) our deal.


Inquiries & Offers:

All domain offers must be in writing via email to be considered valid.  It is the responsibility of the buyer or agent to provide us with legitimate verifiable information for proper communication.  If necessary, we may use Whois or other services to determine if your communication is legitimate or SPAM.  If you do not hear from us within (3) business days your email may have been treated as SPAM and possibly placed on our blocked email addresses.  If so, please resend using a different email address.


Payments, Commissions, & Refunds:

All prices are in US Dollars ($).  We accept payments from PayPal, ePassport, most credit cards, and check at this time.  We no longer accept payments from MoneyBookers.

Payments must be made within a reasonable amount of time, typically (3) business days of acceptance otherwise we may cancel the sale and void our deal.

We issue refunds and commissions by PayPal, ePassport, or check.  Refunds are made in the same manner as payment was recieved.


Pending Sale vs. Completed Sale:

A sale is considered to be pending from the time an offer is accepted through the time payment has been made and the domain has been transferred to the time when the (90) Day Return Policy has expired or been voided.  All monies collected during the pending sale period are escrowed in the event of a return.

A sale is considered to be completed once the (90) Day Policy has been satisfied.  All collected monies are then disbursed and any commissions due to Service Providers are paid immediately.

In House Domain Transfers:

All our domains are registered at our registrar  Customers must have an account with our registrar to take possession of their new domain(s) immediately.  It is free and easy to setup an account if a customer does not already have one.  Any domain that is within (90) days of expiration is automatically renewed by us for (1) year prior to transfer.  Once we receive confirmation that customer has made full payment the transfer process can begin.  Transfer is immediate within our registrar.  All we need is the name of your account.  After we transfer the domains into your account we will email you to verify that you now have possession of the domain(s) you purchased from us.

Misspelled Account Names:

When you email us your account name prior to transfer, please make really sure that it is spelled correctly.  Any mistake in spelling and we could loose the domain(s).  Our registrar may not be able to recover them, and they will not be held responsible for any loss.  We will not be held responsible either.  When we move domain(s) into another account we copy and paste your account username, that you provided us in your email prior to transfer, into the "Move to another account" field before we click to send.  If you supply us with a misspelled or incorrect account name they will not transfer into your account.  They will go into the misspelled account name or cyberspace.  So please make sure you had your morning coffee and don't smoke a fatty, or drink excessively, or have great sex, or anything like that right before emailing us your account name unless you are absolutely sure it is correct.

Domain Transfers Outside Our Registrar:

All domains are registered at our registrar  Any domain that is within (90) days of expiration is automatically renewed by us for (1) year prior to transfer.  Once we receive confirmation that customer has made full payment the transfer process can begin.  Only domains that we have  registered or renewed more than (60) days ago can be transferred to another registrar.  Customer is responsible to pay their Registrar transfer fee. Transfers outside our registrar may take a couple of days to process.  If customer requests an outside transfer and we have permission to do so from our registrar, we will process the request in a timely manner.  We will unlock the domain(s) and email you the transfer codes that your registrar will need to process the transfer.  We will respond to all emails from our registrars in a timely manner to help facilitate the transfer.  Customer understands that once any domain(s) is transferred to another registrar, it will void our (90) Day Return Policy.  After we approve and facilitate the transfer of the domains into your registrars account we will email you to verify that you now have possession of the domain(s) you purchased from us.


Our Auctions:

We advertise our multi-forum auctions on our auctions page and on the listed community forums.  Bidders must be a member of any of the listed forums to participate.  Bids must be posted in any of the listed forums.  Highest last posted bid wins.  If winning bidder does not make payment within (5) business days after the auction ends, then next highest bidder will win.


Customers should be aware that no outside escrow company will be used or is needed.  All sales are handled in house and are covered by our (90) Day Return policy and 100% Transaction Guarantee.

Third Party Offer Services (Brokers):

Customers should be aware that we currently only accept offers made on your behalf from  Service Providers (Brokers) that promise to abide by our policies.  Offers from Moniker or Network Solutions are not accepted at this time.


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